Are you on the hunt for jewelry that doesn't break the bank and is dainty and trendy?? Look no further because Nikki Smith Designs is destined to be your new favorite jewelry brand. Located at the Dallas Farmers Market, we strive to have every customer leave with a smile on their face and a new piece of jewelry in their collection.

Let's bring it back to the basics. We all love a simple gold chain. Whether that be a necklace or a bracelet- they’re a great way to add a little spice to an outfit. In today's blog, we will be focusing on the basics of our jewelry collection to attract any and all jewelry lovers. 

First up: the Cara Huggies (a best seller)- 

  • The Cara Huggies are the PERFECT everyday earring. It's so easy to dress up or down with an athleisure look or with a summery dress and some booties. You will never go out and *not* get a compliment on these– they are that. good. 

Second: Winnie Huggies (Nikki’s fav earring)

  • The easiest throw-on earring, the Winnie. It's such a small little addition to the ear but it makes the biggest statement. Especially when you're looking for a piece you cannot feel when its on, you found your new favorite!

Third: 3mm Herringbone Necklace (our most popular waterproof necklace)

  • This necklace is eassssssily one of our favorite chains in our collection. It should win an award for the most versatile piece. Wear it while next to the beach, dancing the night away, or having a chill movie night at home. You cannot go wrong!

Fourth: Stackable Rings (all the styles)

  • Emerald, Crystal, Aquamarine, and everything in between, you will find in our dainty stackable rings. With our most expansive size range offered, you can mix and match between different fingers for a minimalistic but jeweled-out look. 

Fifth: Dylan Ridged Band Ring (*new)

  • Lastly, a new baby in our collection, the Dylan. It's such an easy (waterproof) ring to be worn all the time! It takes your classic gold band and elevates it to the next level with some ridges. Your friends will all be jealous when you are rocking this at the next hangout. 
May 04, 2023 — Nicole Smith