Nikki Smith Designs is on a mission to redefine the jewelry buying experience to be fun, welcoming and accessible to all. We are creating quality, long lasting jewelry at an affordable price point. 


Our vision is to be a market leader in affordable waterproof jewelry.


Confidence - We are confident in our product quality and value because we evaluate and test products before they enter the market. We trust that our employees have the confidence to own their role and responsibilities.  

Community - We pride ourselves on being part of the community by partnering with local organizations and giving back. Simultaneously, we are expanding our internal community through employee growth and customer loyalty. 

Authentic Experiences- We create genuine experiences by being honest and open-minded to both employees and customers. This allows for meaningful shopping experiences and an authentic, positive work environment. 

Passion - We love being able to provide trendy and sustainable jewelry to everyone, therefore we see that the work we do is important. We are continuously trying to improve, grow, and expand to exceed customer and employee expectations. 

Health - We understand the importance of work-life balance and living a healthy lifestyle. We provide employees with a monthly lifestyle stipend and flexible schedule because we trust our employees are responsible with their time and look after their own wellbeing.   

Equal Opportunity Employer

Nikki Smith Designs is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We recognize the power in a diverse team and welcome cultural differences. We believe in equity and equality for all to help build an inclusive workplace. 

 Many of our roles have flexible requirements. We do not require all qualifications to be met as we believe in giving you the opportunity to expand on your current skill set. If this role feels challenging yet highlights your experience, we encourage you to apply!