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Permanent Jewelry

*No appointment needed, welding daily from 12-4pm! Come see us!*

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry (or forever jewelry) is where we custom fit and weld a gold-filled bracelet directly around your wrist, neck, or ankle. It is a custom fit with no clasp and requires zero maintenance. We like to think of our Nikki Smith forever pieces as permanent, but they can be simply taken off with scissors if need be. 

When can I come to get it done?

We offer our welding services daily (7 days a week!) from noon-4pm. We currently do not take appointments, just come on in! If you have a larger group coming, want to schedule a special event, or come in at a specific time, please send us an email! 

 What are my chain options and pricing? 

We offer 12+ gold-filled chain options and 3-5 sterling silver options. Our gold-filled chain is made in the USA and the 14K gold is mixed within a base metal, meaning the gold color will not fade! It's a totally affordable price point compared to solid gold-and the results look the same! Our chains are always changing and we bring new ones in all the time, so there is no photo available, but we always have 12+ options!  

Bracelets: gold-filled or sterling silver: $65

Anklet: $68

Necklace: $75

Charms: $30 each (we have over 40 gold charm options!)


What happens if my chain breaks?

 We hope your permanent piece never breaks but if it does we've got you covered!

  • The forever guarantee: We offer complimentary re-welding on our chains, always! 
  • Re-welding jewelry that was not purchased with us: $15 per weld. 
  • Not available to come in for re-welding? We offer store credit or we can turn the chain into a regular bracelet. Just mail back the chain! 
  • Lost your chain? Unfortunately, we are not responsible for lost jewelry. If you would like it replaced you must purchase a new chain.