Curious about how to style your ear?? Have no fear because we at Nikki Smith have the earring guide for you. From studs to huggies to hoops, you will never have to look anywhere else for the perfect ear stack. 

We will take you through one gold and one silver styling session- with links to all earrings of course! 

First up: Gold Earscape

Starting from left to right:

Second: Silver Earscape

Starting from left to right:

  • Silver Esther Hoops- number one best-selling and number one in our hearts, these hoops never cease to amaze us with their beauty and bling. 
  • Silver Esther Huggies- just like their big sister above, they are a staple at Nikki Smith Designs- perfect for a jewelry lover.
  • Sterling Cystal Huggies- in case you wanted to add a bit more bling to the ear, add this little guy for some pizazz. The best gift for anyone in your life.
  • 3 Gem Micro Studs- the tinnnnnniest little studs I ever did see. The best if you have a lot of piercings to use higher up the ear! So cute!
  • Silver Tully Bar- if you have a cartilage piercing in the ear like the above, this earring is for you! It fits so beautifully and we’ve heard people LOVE to receive it as a gift. 

We hope you enjoyed this little curated collection of earscapes and it may inspire you to pick out some new earrings from our collection. Happy shopping!


Nikki Smith Designs

May 17, 2023 — Nicole Smith