Hello Nikki Smith Fam! Today we will be focusing on some of our new trending pieces that just launched. All of our new arrivals that hit our site are waterproof and sweatproof- making it easy to wear and never take off! We are highlighting 4 of our favorite new pieces below!

  1. Braided Black Onyx Ring
    1. This ring is the best staple that you can add to your ring stack. The simplicity yet sophisticatedness of this ring is perfect for the winter months and will keep you company in the cold! The black onyx is a perfect pairing with our Black Onyx Lydia Necklace as well!
  2. Micro Pearl Necklace and Bracelet
    1. We will never stop being in a pearl mood. These two pieces are tiny pearls set in a tennis bracelet style. Both made in stainless steel, they are entirely waterproof and meant to be worn forever. A lot of us at the Nikki Smith Designs office on Lovers Lane have added the bracelet to our wrist stack.
  3. Waterproof Sliders
    1. Slider bracelets got an upgrade!! Now our beloved sliders are made in waterproof versions for the same look but now can be worn with ease! From stars to hearts to religious symbols- we have one for everyone! Take a look at our waterproof slider bracelets today!
  4. Abbi Pearl Necklace
    1. Last but not least, the Abbi pearl necklace. This necklace- named after one of our sales associates is the perfect pearl tennis necklace for layering or by itself. It can stand alone for a simple look or add another layer for extra sparkle. This necklace is adjustable and will fit almost any neck. Try this new pearl necklace on today at one of our store- Dallas Farmers Market and Lovers Lane!
January 16, 2024 — Nicole Smith