What material is your jewelry?

All of our jewelry is made out of a gold or silver PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) plating over stainless steel. This coating is the most modern coating process available on the market, making them wearable 24/7 without worry!

A few of our slider bracelets are 14k gold over sterling silver and should be taken off before wearing in water, workouts, etc.

How is your jewelry waterproof or water resistant?

PVD, or Physical vapor deposition, is a process we use for coating our stainless steel jewelry. The technique involves “blasting” the gold onto the base metal at a high temperature. During the process, the material moves from a condensed vapor phase into a thin solid film.

PVD coatings over stainless steel are more resistant to corrosion from water and regular wear than gold plating.

You can live in our jewelry with ease without worry!

How should I care for my jewelry?

Feel free to wear our stainless steel jewelry 24/7 at the gym, in the water and everywhere in between. When storing, keep them separate from other pieces to maintain the shiny color and remain as scratch-less as possible.

What does hypoallergenic mean?

Hypoallergenic jewelry means that there is a very low risk of causing an allergic reaction. We cannot guarantee everyone will have the same experience, but we do recommend hypoallergenic jewelry as the best option for those with sensitive skin.

Will your pieces turn my skin green?

Nope! But everyone's PH is a little different which can result in discolleration sometimes with specific jewelry pieces. Reach out to us if you ever have any item specific questions!


I need to make a return!

Please visit this link to move forward with your return! Easy-peasy! Returns will be free to you and once we receive them, we will issue a correct refund.

What do I do if I need a repair?

Please email us and we can work through your repair together! We are always happy to help fix anything if we are able to!