10 things we learned about owning a Small Business
Nikki Smith Designs
1011 S Pearl Expy Suite 170
Dallas, TX 75201

  1. -Capitalize on the small things like weather! Open the doors if it's nice out! Especially here at the Dallas Farmers Market there is always a crowd when the weather is prime.
  2. -Always showcase the best products out front and center 
  3. -Rotate items out depending on seasons and trends!
  4. -Customer service is key! Be personable and welcoming. A positive customer experience will leave a lasting impression and create loyal shoppers.
  5. -Making sure there is a standard operating procedure for anything that might arise like returns, product materials, staff expectations.
  6. -Less is more- simplicity is key! 
  7. -Somedays you might just need to rearrange. Repeat customers like a little difference now and again.
  8. -Always remind yourself that there are slow days in every business. Regardless of the size- consistency and patience is vital!
  9. -Customer feedback is SO important!  If you listen, the customer will tell you exactly what they want. Take that feedback and continue to evolve your brand!  
  10. -Lastly- ENJOY every minute! You are here for a reason! Make use of the downtime to take advantage of projects you have been meaning to do.