Hi- this is Nikki Smith Designs, a Dallas-owned and operated jewelry brand focused on modern, dainty, and affordable jewelry. In case you didn't know, we are an all-women team each taking on responsibilities that keep us moving and growing- one earring at a time. 


While I have you here, I wanted to share with you our brand message and logo. When creating the company Nikki wanted to, “empower everybody to feel beautiful inside their skin and out while complimenting your outer body with the jewelry that matched every occasion and made you feel priceless.” 

Every piece of jewelry from our backroom goes through much thought to ensure that great quality and design is being sold to customers like you at the Dallas Farmers Market. 

Our logo: if you look close enough you can see there is an outline for an “N” and an “S” which of course stands for Nikki Smith (our founder). We wanted this to be sleek and simple yet give a glimpse into our persona. 

All the materials we use in our pieces are designed to be worn and loved, we specialize in our waterproof line made out of stainless steel that you never have to take off. We also have gold-filled pieces that fall under the same category. Perfect for working out, swimming, and all the everyday things. Coming from someone who never likes to take off their jewelry - this collection is the pinnacle of ease. 

March 28, 2023 — Nicole Smith