We are constantly adding new pieces to our collection. Today we have curated our top 5 jewels from our New Arrivals tab. Now all you need to do is: add to cart!

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Showcasing a few of our favorites from the New Arrivals tab:

  1. The Serena Huggies
  • The most simple yet irresistible huggie your jewelry box needs. Since it comes in both silver and gold, it is a perfect piece for everyone! Did we mention it’s waterproof?

  1. Layla Waterproof Earrings
  • Take the Serena and add some more pizazz- we give you the waterproof Layla hoops. With two different sizes to choose from, these hoops are so cute and the girls at Nikki Smith in the Dallas Farmers Market are already wearing them every day.

  1. Ursula Pearl Toggle Necklace
  • A pearl never goes out of style, so why wait- add it to your cart now! Just in time for pool season, wear it in and out of the water with ease. Your friends will all be jealous.

  1. Lydia Baguette Crystal Necklace
  • This stunning new waterproof necklace on our website has a subtle bit of glamour while still being delicate. We just launched a bracelet to match- so grab this power duo before the summer days ahead!

  1. The Camille Necklace
  • Last but most certainly not least, the Camille waterproof pearl necklace. After selling out in minutes, we have recently restocked just for you! As we said, pearls never go out of style. 

Check out the New Arrivals tab for all things new at Nikki Smith!

June 06, 2023 — Nicole Smith