Who doesn’t love a best-seller. From the moment Nikki started making jewelry, some of these pieces continue to be popular year after year. From earrings to rings to necklaces, the options are endless, and we need your help deciding which best-seller is at the top of your favorites list!

  1. The Corinne Ring
    1. Our tried and true best seller is the Corinne ring. After her fame every weekend at the Dallas Farmers Market, we decided to showcase her and add more Corinne pieces to the collection so you can have the perfect matching set. So now we have a Corinne bangle and earrings to match!
  2. The Camille Necklace
    1. The newest necklace to hit the top of the chart and wow has it been a popular one! We sold out of the Camille Pearl Necklace withing 2 days of launching it in our store and online. We had a pre-sale for all of our text and email subscribers, so be sure to sign up so you never miss a thing.  Text JOIN to +1 (866) 784-2095
  3. The Monarch Butterfly Ring
    1. This stainless steel butterfly ring is an oldie but a goodie. After being launched in 2019, this ring has proven to stay popular and goes with every trend along the way. The adjustable nature of this ring makes it easy to move from finger to finger, so you’re able to stack multiple rings from Nikki Smith Designs.
  4. Micro Gold Herringbone Necklace
    1. This necklace is the best of the best. Not only can you not feel it on, but it is also waterproof and tarnish-resistant. After the popularity that came from this necklace, we then added an anklet and a bracelet in the same chain- because why not! 
October 09, 2023 — Nicole Smith