The Dainty Bracelets you need are from Nikki Smith Designs. We specialize in modern, dainty and affordable pieces that are attainable and do not break the bank. In today’s blog, we will be showcasing some dainty bracelets that make a serious impact. Not only are all of the pieces in today's blog waterproof, they are also best-sellers and tend to sell out rather quickly. 


  1. The Lexi Flower Bracelet
    1. This bracelet is a cutie little stainless steel waterproof piece that has gold station flowers every inch on the gold chain. Not only is this bracelet perfect for year round, it also is what made me obsessed with dainty bracelets. 
  2. The White and Gold Felix Bracelet
    1. The dainty bracelet that started it all- the Felix. This bracelet, which started as a necklace has been a fan favorite and best seller for over two years. After spearheading the waterproof collection here at Nikki Smith, this bracelet has been purchased hundreds of times and still is chosen to this day.
  3. The Micro Waterproof Tennis Bracelet
    1. The newest dainty piece to be added to our collection is this micro tennis bracelet. Everyone at the office immediately had to buy it and wear this when it hit the floor because the shimmer on this piece is unbelievable. Although little, the shine is mighty. 
  4. The Micro Gold Herringbone Bracelet
    1. If you’re looking for the perfect wrist stack piece– this is the winner. Pair this bracelet with any of the ones listed in this blog, or with the other 20+ options on our website for a clean and flawless look. Shop them here: 
  5. The Lydia Crystal Bracelet 
    1. Last but certainly not least, the Lydia Crystal Teardrop Bracelet. After being released in early 2023, this bracelet has become a trend-setter. The tiny pear shaped crystals dangling from the waterproof and stainless steel chain are the perfect pairing to maixmize glitz and daintiness- without breaking the bank.
September 25, 2023 — Nicole Smith