Do you hate to take off your jewelry? Look no further than our waterproof ring collection. Perfect to wear in the pool, at the beach, or even in the gym lifting weights. The girls here at Nikki Smith Designs in the Dallas Farmers Market have been wearing our waterproof rings for years without issues- they're the perfect accessory! 

Here are some of our current favorite waterproof rings that are live on our website now!

  • The Lovie Gold Ring

This cutie little ring is the newest waterproof ring to launch on our website and its destined to be a fan favorite. Not only is it super cute, its also waterproof and tarnish-resistant! Add it to the cart. 

  • Waterproof Gold Crystal Shimmer Ring

Step aside, because a new best-seller has entered the chat. Similar to our Crystal Shimmer Ring- but now in a completely waterproof version. Take it to the beach and beyond this Summer.

  • The Corinne Ring

Beloved for its bougie look, this ring has the bling you need to take you through the warm months ahead. It adds shimmer to every look and is waterproof, to make sure you don't have to worry about taking it off (also comes in size 9!)

  • Permanent Rings

Did you even know this was a possibility?? Well, now you do- it is! Customized with whatever chain you choose you can size it the finger of your choice. We will size it, cut it, and weld it. You can just roll it on the finger and then its good to go! You can even add a charm for a little extra pizazz! 

June 21, 2023 — Nicole Smith