There are many things you can do to keep your fashion jewelry looking nice and shiny! We often get asked how to clean and care for your jewelry, here are a few tips that will help your fashion jewelry last longer!

1.) Properly store jewelry: Give it a break and store it in a sealable bag/case (even plastic bags) to keep it from oxidizing. 

2.) Remove when showering/sleeping/exercising: Fashion jewelry is gold plated or gold filled, meaning there is a base metal underneath. To keep the plating lasting longer, try to remove when you know you'll be sweating and getting wet. It's okay if it happens every now and then, but continued exposure will dull your jewelry.

3.) Put your jewelry on last when getting ready. Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray on to jewelry and make sure lotion is dry before adding your sparkles!

3.) Try a clear nail polish coat! If you have a problem with jewelry turning dark or turning your skin, it sadly happens with different peoples skin PH balances. Create a barrier between your skin and jewelry by brushing on clean nail polish. Great places to do this are on your charms and the inside of rings!

4.) Clean gold filled jewelry and sterling jewelry with a polishing cloth, they should look good as new. Polishing cloths can be too abrasive for gold plating (for example our fashion chokers) so for those we recommend some mild dish soap, warm water and a gentle cloth or cotton ball to dry.

Overall we strive to make our fashion jewelry last long at a great price point, but overtime it may start to fade. These tips should help your pieces last longer and continue shine bright! Thanks for reading! -Nikki