With summer right around the corner and the days warming up we can't help but picture ourselves on the beach! But what exactly are we wearing in that day dream? Take a look at some of the outfits we have planned! 


First we start off with our classic boardwalk outfit! Who doesn't love a big sunhat with a black bikini? For this simple but chic look we are layering up two of our favorites, our tish choker and herringbone necklace, to add a fun touch to this classic look. Add a couple of stackable rings and our mini Denver hoops to complete your look! You'll be ready to hit the boardwalk or grab some lunch in this outfit!


Plan to just lay by the pool and look cute? Me too! Sometimes you just want to take some cute pictures without putting in too much effort. Keep it simple with our white beaded lariat and matching anklet. Throw on your favorite hoops or huggies and there you go! Simple, sexy, and cute with little effort!


Finally who doesn't love spending all day at the beach and ending it with a bonfire? Don't forget your bucket hat and sunglasses to keep you protected from the sun all day, and we kept this look fun but easy to wear all day. Our billie choker adds a touch of sparkle and stack on the bracelets to add some fun! Once night hits switch out your simple huggies for our bigger modern hoops to add even more sparkle and you're ready to party!

Thanks for reading!


April 08, 2021 — Maria Torres