Many people wonder the difference between gold plated vs. gold filled jewelry and we are often asked what our jewelry is made out of. There's so much to discuss here and this is a simple, yet detailed answer!

Jewelry that is not solid gold is typically made from a base metal of brass, copper or sterling. It is then plated with a layer of gold that is somewhat thin, less that .05% of the total weight. This is most cost effective, quick and is sometimes the only option for some fashion chain due to the nature of the chain thickness or other design elements.

Gold filled jewelry is actually pressure bonded or pressed using heat and requires a thicker gold coat, adding actual weight to the jewelry, which is why it lasts longer than gold plating. If you have an option, we would always recommend opting for gold fill because it is greater durability.  

Neither option will last forever like real gold, but they are good alternatives when purchasing fashion jewelry that is affordable. 

Our rings, studs and a few necklaces are gold filled, which we specify in our product descriptions. Most of our chokers and drop earrings are gold plated, as they are larger items and/or made from fashion chain we can only receive as gold plated. We strive to use metals that do not easily turn or tarnish so you can get use out of your jewelry pieces. 

Both gold filled jewelry and gold plating will last longer when you take it off when showering and sleeping, which will help prevent fading. We also wear and test our pieces often, but it's important to note every persons skin reacts differently to certain metals so there is never one right answer to the best kind of fashion jewelry to purchase. 

Please also read up on our jewelry care and repair page at the bottom of the website if you'd like more tips on how to care for your fashion jewelry. 

Thanks for reading!

Cheers, Nikki