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Is my jewelry going to tarnish?

July 28, 2020

Will my jewelry turn my skin green? Will it tarnish if I get it wet? Can I swim or shower with my jewelry on? These are common questions we all wonder when purchasing fashion jewelry. Unfortunately, it's a tricky question to answer because every person's skin reacts differently to certain metals. One person's skin may be sensitive to base metals (the metal under gold plated) such as copper or brass; another may be sensitive to actual gold or sterling.

Some common factors that play into jewelry tarnishing are:

+ You skin composition/skin pH balance 

+ The amount of contact jewelry has with moisture and skin oils

+ Moisture, sulfer, and pollution in the air

Here are our best tips for caring for your jewelry:

Protect your jewelry by removing it prior to water exposure.

+To keep the plating looking new, keep away from substances such as perfume, lotion, and soap

+ Store your jewelry properly. Our jewelry comes in suede pouches that help it from oxidizing. You can also use plastic bags for storage, removing the air from the bag if possible.

+Give your jewelry a break. Taking it off when your sleeping and switching up the pieces you wear help give it a rest from your skin's oils.

Last but not least, our goal is to provide affordable fashion jewelry that does not turn after only a few wears. If your skin did not react well to one of our pieces, please get in touch with us! We are here to help you love your jewelry as much as we love making it for you!

Cheers! Nikki