Welcome to Nikki Smith Designs located in the Dallas Farmers Market! We specialize in modern, dainty, and affordable jewelry designed to be worn daily. I will be taking you on a virtual shop tour to give you an idea of what you can experience during your shopping trip. 

Right when you walk in, you will be greeted by calming notes of vanilla and topped with sugar, rum, and lime. Our signature scent- is designed to make your experience even more delightful. Our first table- pictured here is our current gold-plated collection and all of our favorite earrings at the moment. 

Directly to the left under our curated gallery wall are two tables- one for all things permanent jewelry - with gold-filled chains ready to be zapped into place on the wrist (or ankle) of your choice. With chains and charms galore- the options are endless and our associates are happy to help you decide! And to the right are an extension of our gold-plated jewelry and new arrivals. As always- trying on is recommended to make sure you love your jewels. 

The tall table directly behind the opening table is part of our waterproof collection- all made out of stainless steel and designed to be worn and never taken off. Wear these pieces while working out, showering, going for a dip in the pool, and everything in between.

Behind this table is our mirror wall displaying our chokers and more personalized pieces like initial letter necklaces and zodiac charms. We always have every letter in stock- so feel free to ask a sales associate if you need another initial. :) 

And our second to last table is an extension of our waterproof collection- gold-filled pieces! From dainty rings to delicate gold chains- we have everything you might wish for if your goal is to layer and keep it simplistic. 

Lastly- our silvery display, is for all of our sterling silver-loving customers. We are adding new silver pieces weekly to our inventory- so always remember to keep an eye out! 

Once your journey has come to an end and you are ready for checkout, bring your new pieces to the front corner and your shopping experience at Nikki Smith Designs is complete- with a gift bag and all to encapsulate your time with us!

We hope you enjoyed this shop tour- and we’re looking forward to you coming in soon (for real)!

April 11, 2023 — Nicole Smith